HABITAT AMBASSADORS: the new activity is launched

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Last week we started the Pathway for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO) with two classes of the G. Torno Institute – a scientific high school in Castano Primo (MI).
Title of the pathway: “HABITAT AMBASSADORS” ?.
With our support, the students will be engage in the discovery, exploration and knowledge of the Habitats (in particulare the arid ones)  and of their importance. The students will then help us in the development of communication tools intended mainly for the sensibilization of their peers.
The first meeting was held at school, in the #worldcafé mode.
6 tables, 3 themes (PROTECTED AREAS – FOOTPRINT – LIVING), 3 “rounds” each of 15 minutes ⏰, with different levels of detail.
We have arranged different objects on the tables, with the aim of representing the concepts to be analyzed, to inspire the students and to invite them to play during the discussion.
Really interesting reflections emerged, some predictable… others unsettling!
Thanks to all participants! ?
Now we are sorting out the posters made by the participants.
Seguiranno un’uscita in campo, nel Parco del Ticino presso uno dei siti di intervento del nostro progetto, 2 incontri online per seguire il lavoro di progettazione dei ragazzi ed infine un incontro pubblico di presentazione/restituzione a fine maggio.
Seguiteci per essere aggiornati!
Do you want to know more about world café? : https://theworldcafe.com/
At the end of the experimentation, we will evaluate the “path” and insert the detailed methods for carrying out the activities in the document dedicated to the “Guidelines on the implementation of educational/dissemination activities for the enhancement of target habitats”, which will be available to teachers, environmental guides and all those involved in environmental education.